WoTS - Exhibitor newsletter World of Laboratory 4-4-2024

WoTS - Exhibitor newsletter World of Laboratory 4-4-2024 Door: FHI, Federatie van Technologie Branches

Save the date - WoTS exhibitors kick-off

Are you well prepared for your exhibition participation? On Thursday 23 May, we organize the WoTS exhibitors kick-off in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. During the kick-off, practical matters are discussed, such as the map, logistics, catering and visitor registration. In addition, we also organize a number of inspiration sessions in the context of visitor recruitment. These are great tools to apply in your marketing plan.

We start with lunch at 12.30 pm and finish with a drink of 4.15 pm – 5 pm. All in all an important, fun and inspiring afternoon. Make a note of 23 May in your agenda! Soon you will receive the invitation with further details.

Start Visitor recruitment

It's almost time! April 11, the visitor registration will go live and visitors can register to visit the World of Industry, Technology & Science. We want to give you the opportunity to be the first to invite your customers and relations. Do this with your personal registration link to win the Marketing Communication Cup.

You will receive this personal registration link next Thursday. You will also receive a completely personalized media kit with invitation texts and banners to promote your exhibition participation. This way you will not let your exhibition participation pass by anyone!


A few more slots available to give a workshop

New this edition of WoTS is the possibility for exhibitors to give their own workshop on the exhibition floor. A number of exhibitors have already registered for this, with appealing topics such as creating quality awareness and efficient decontamination. Are you interested in giving a workshop yourself? Contact us at wendy@fhi.nl.

There are rules for giving a workshop: it must be substantive and non-commercial, may last a maximum of one hour and the subject falls within the set themes. The themes of the substantive program of the fair are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Sample management
  • Analysis techniques

The costs are € 500, - excl. VAT.  Read all the rules for giving a workshop here.

You are free to determine the subject yourself, as long as this is within the six themes of the fair. For the workshops we place a room in the middle of the exhibition floor and thereby also give extra dynamism to the fair.

You can register for a workshop via this link. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Debets at wendy@fhi.nl.

Catering WoTS

We are Camilo Schaling and Meryl Jansen; your catering specialists for WoTS 2024.

Jaarbeurs is in full swing. Every day we like to make every meeting unique. Our passion for continuous improvement has led to beautiful developments in our catering services. We are proud of these changes and would like to share this with you.

However, we understand that words alone are not enough to fully convey our services and changes. That is why we would like to invite you to experience our service and products for yourself. During the kick-off of WoTS on May 23, we share the experiences of industry peers who participated in VSK and / or ESEF / TechniShow and are unburdened by our hospitality team. Of course we also present the possibilities of Jaarbeurs Catering. Tasting is experiencing!

Do you take up the challenge? Do you and your team want to be culinary surprised and unburdened in the preparations for the WoTS 2024 exhibition participation? Please contact us. If you do this before May 23, 2024, we will be happy to give you an early booking discount of 10% on the quotation amount. Will you become our ambassador on the kick-off?

As a team we are ready to make a difference at WoTS 2024. We can be reached on telephone number + 31 6 2188 1907 (Camilo Schaling) or hospitality@Jaarbeurs.nl

With culinary greetings,

Camilo & Meryl