MPL Alarm & Communicatie centrale B.V.

MPL Building Intelligent Solutions

MPL Group based in Barneveld/The Netherlands is offering a Platform as a Service, (PaaS) Smart Building Concept and is the first Advancis Certified Control Room Partner. The MPL control centre is an alarm management and communication centre using the WinGuard PSIM platform as a cloud solution in Azure, supporting thousands of business and private clients in remote security and building management applications. 

MPL offers a management solution which is both flexible and scalable so that the customer has the choice to either realize surveillance via their local control room or they can simply switch control to MPL at the press of a button to take over monitoring anytime on a 24/7 basis. MPL operates with the highest standards of safety, security, service and sustainability.

Our Smart Building Concept (PaaS) functions by monitoring any changes of variable status in all connected devices, changes are used as triggers to an event creation in the system. Event notifications are immediately transferred to the MPL control centre where MPL ensures that all appropriate actions are taken to resolve the situation, using dynamic workflows and drawings in a Digital Twin. This applies to all security systems integrated into PaaS: VCS, intercoms, fire alarm as well as building related management systems such as parking management and telephone services, air conditioning, pumps, temperature regulation,CO2, energy monitoring end IOT devices. In Q4 we also offering an concept to make a reservation for an Smart workplace.

This leads to the collection of huge data amounts which is used for analysis, process improvements and real time information witch we can show in dashboards. The evaluated data provides valuable insight into the performance of all systems that are installed in the monitored buildings (KPIs). afspraak 06 515 86 905