Exhibitor Newsletter 6, June 2024

Exhibitor Newsletter 6, June 2024 Door: FHI, Federatie van Technologie Branches

The preparation for a successful exhibition participation

Wednesday 11 September 2024

including lunch and networking drinks

Location: FHI, Leusderend 12 in Leusden


Take on the role of the exhibition visitor, what do you have to offer and what do you want to radiate?

We look forward to a beautiful edition of the World of Industry, Technology & Science! To meet and provide a platform for the latest technologies, innovations, solutions and tools.

To make the fair as successful as possible and to get the most out of your exhibition participation, we organize inspiring exhibition training! Please note that the training will be held in Dutch.

The visitor's approach is central to this exhibition training. Why would the visitor come to your stand and not to the neighbor's? Who are you and what makes you enthusiastic, where are the starting points for a conversation and how do you find it? It can also be exciting for a visitor to approach you, how can you lower that ‘ threshold ’ by starting an informal conversation? And what can you do during the conversation to ensure that the visitor becomes a (potential) customer?

In the training we mainly really go to work, so you have time to immediately discuss things, think out and put them on paper for your exhibition participation

The following topics are discussed in the exhibition training, among others:

  • The power of good preparation
  • Formulating your objectives
  • How you determine what you want to radiate as an organization
  • Lucifer pitch: from visitor to qualified lead
  • How to start an informal conversation from enthusiasm and hospitality
  • How you work towards your objectives from an informal conversation
  • Why the cooperation and feedback between colleagues on the stand is so important
  • ‘ Push ’ and ‘ pull ’, when a follow-up appointment makes more sense than ‘ pushing through ’ in the conversation on the stand.

Target group
Anyone who is (partly) responsible for the success of exhibition participation.

Registration and costs
You can register by sending an email to info@wots.nl. The participation costs for member companies of FHI, FEDA and / or Machevo & Bulk are per person € 199, - excluding VAT. If your organization is not a member of FHI, FEDA and / or Machevo & Bulk, the participation costs are € 349, - excluding VAT per person.

Note: After registration with the training, the costs are always charged, even if canceled. It is possible to register a replacement participant.

Program Wednesday 11 September 2024

09.45 am Doors open
10.00 am Introduction
10.30 am What is your visitor looking for? –pitch
12.00 pm Lunch break
12.45 pm A pleasant conversation – enthusiasm and hospitality
14.30 pm Break
14.45 pm From visitor to (potential) customer
16.00 pm Closing drinks

Exhibition Insurance

Insurance for exhibitions from Klap Insurance!

As an organizer of an event, you naturally want to have everything under control. But you never know in advance what exactly happens. What if you are held liable by a visitor?

Event insurance is available for every event you organize, both small and large.
You can choose the coverage that suits the event, so you only pay for what you want to be insured.

What can be insured?

  • Liability: liability for damage caused to another € 2,500,000, per liability
  • Expenses: Expenses up to € 100,000 if the event is canceled or postponed.
  • Accidents: Accidents at employees / volunteers
  • Casco: loss and damage to hired furniture, light-noise equipment, tents and stages during transport and on location

What cannot be insured?

  • Risky events such as obstacles runs and dangerous sports such as bungee jumping and rafting.
  • Damage to the site on which the event takes place.
  • Damage caused by or by motor vehicles or (air) vessels.

During the quotation discussion, we will issue the policy conditions in which the damage is and is not insured for many situations.

Why do you choose our event insurance?

  • Choose the cover yourself
  • Appropriate solution for every event
  • Extensive coverage at an attractive price
  • Exit until the day of the event

In addition, we will of course anticipate the transport risk from the departing location to the exhibition location.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Judith van Elk
(020) 261 61 61

Have you already arranged catering for your stand?

During the WoTS exhibitors kick-off, the service renewed approach in the field of catering was presented. The Jaarbeurs is happy to see how they can take care of the preparations in the field of catering. Within the possibilities are, for example, the use of a professional barista, a fresh “stroopwafel” baker or a healthy smoothie bar on the stand.

The team of Jaarbeurs Hospitality is ready to advise you on the possibilities and is happy to provide you with appropriate advice with accompanying quotation. 

Contact the team of Jaarbeurs Hospitality, Camilo & Meryl, at hospitality@jaarbeurs.nl.