Exhibitor newsletter World of Laboratory 8-2-2024

Exhibitor newsletter World of Laboratory 8-2-2024 Door: FHI, Federatie van Technologie Branches

Now is the time to sign up for WoTS 2024

The visitors of the World of Industry, Technology & Science visit the trade fair for knowledge, solutions and innovations.  The WoTS is the trade fair on which you present your solutions to a widely interested audience; full of potential possibilities. How do you get in touch with visitors who don't know you yet?

Share your knowledge, show your expertise and show yourself by giving a workshop or presentation on the exhibition floor or participate in an exhibition project in which visitors come to your stand in a targeted manner. The WoTS offers many possibilities to get in touch with new customers!

Now is the time to register as an exhibitor. If you register now, you are still in time to think about the content and to participate in the exhibition projects and seminars.  Below you can read more about the possibilities that the WoTS offers you.

Meet your new customers, share your knowledge and show your expertise at the WoTS. View the website for the available stands and register. Show who you are, your company should not be missing!


X-pedition Sustainable solutions for the lab

The laboratory is a large consumer of energy, materials, plastics and water. It is therefore not a question whether sustainability is on the agenda, but which measures have the highest priority. Lab managers are looking for sustainable solutions. Do you offer this? Therefore, bring them to the attention during the X-pedition “ Sustainable solutions for the lab ”.

During the WoTS 2024 we also offer the familiar concept of the X-peditions with the theme Sustainability. An X-pedition is an interactive exhibition tour in which visitors follow a route through up to six exhibitors, in order to gain targeted knowledge about sustainable solutions. A different topic is discussed at each stand and a question of knowledge is asked about this.

Participation in an X pedition means:

  1. Extra exposure of your company in the communication process prior to the fair; by mentioning in newsletters, articles and the stock exchange newspaper.
  2. Profiling your company on the theme of sustainability.
  3. More visitors at your stand.

Are you interested in joining this X-pedition? You can register via this . If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to joost@fhi.nl.

In addition to the X-pedition with the theme Sustainability, there are also a few places available at the X-peditons with the theme Sample management and Analysis techniques. Interested? Send an email to joost@fhi.nl.


Give a workshop during WoTS

New this edition are workshops given by exhibitors. Each exhibitor is given the opportunity to give a substantive and practical workshop himself. We think about topics such as storing hazardous substances, which glove do you use in which situation, pipette calibrations etc. etc. You are free to determine the subject yourself, as long as this is within the six themes of the fair.

The themes of the substantive program of the fair are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Sample management
  • Lab management
  • Analysis techniques

The workshops will be held in a room in the middle of the exhibition floor and thereby also give extra dynamism to the fair. Please note, there are rules for giving a workshop: it must be substantive and non-commercial, may last a maximum of one hour and the subject falls within the set themes. Read all the rules for giving a workshop here.

You can register for a workshop via this link. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Debets at wendy@fhi.nl.