Exhibitor newsletter World of Industry 8-2-2024

Exhibitor newsletter World of Industry 8-2-2024 Door: FHI, Federatie van Technologie Branches

Share your knowledge, meet the users of your technology on the exhibition floor

The fair visitors of the World of Industry, Technology & Science come to a targeted conclusion about knowledge, solutions and innovations.  The WoTS is the trade fair on which you present your solutions to a widely interested audience; full of potential possibilities. How do you get in touch with visitors who don't know you yet?

Share your knowledge, show your expertise and show yourself by giving a workshop or presentation on the exhibition floor or participate in an exhibition project in which visitors come to your stand in a targeted manner. The WoTS offers many possibilities to get in touch with new customers!

All consultations will take place this month and the lectures will be distributed. Below you can read more about the possibilities that the WoTS offers you

Seminars and pavilions World of Industry (WoI)

During the WoTS fair, we organize various seminars and projects around current themes with the participants worldwide. We invite you to make a substantive contribution to the seminars and exhibition projects for the World of Industry. We also organize three pavilions on the WoI: the FEDA Lounge, the Machevo Hotspots and the Instrumentation pavilion.

We offer exhibitors the opportunity to combine their exhibition participation with giving a lecture in one of the seminars below. When completing the seminars, the maxim is followed that the content is determined by involved companies that also exhibit at the fair. Now is the time to indicate whether you want to contribute to a seminar program. We are now working on the substantive development of the seminars and exhibition projects.

  • Digitization: servitization / usage & visualization of data
  • From hydrogen to electrification
  • Food safety in production
  • Drive technology and durability
  • Sustainability & circularity in the process industry
  • Digitization: autonomous operations, data from field to cloud
  • Industrial Cyber Security

Send an email to hans.risseeuw@fhi.nl if you are interested in making a substantive contribution to the seminar program for the World of Industry.

Take the stage

New during the WoTS is a small seminar room on the exhibition floor in hall 11. This semi-open room (stand number 11C012) is available to the exhibitors of World of Industry. During the opening hours of the fair, you can rent the seminar room for a workshop, training or presentation. Invite your customers and tell your story. Visitors wear headphones with noise canceling during the sessions. This way, they have full focus on your story.

Organize a workshop, presentation or training. You rent the room for 60 minutes, including 40 chairs in theater setup, sound system with LED projection screen and technical support. Surprise the visitor with sharp solutions and show your expertise.

Seminar room 11C012 is rented exclusively to exhibitors of the World of Industry.  Reserve a time slot via the website and indicate your preference for a half day. The final layout of the time slots is provided by the organization, you will receive a personal message about this.