Webinar met Analog Devices en Würth Elektronik

Webinar met Analog Devices en Würth Elektronik Door: Würth Elektronik NL B.V.

Analog Devices, one of world’s leading DC/DC IC-manufacturers, and Würth Elektronik, one of the largest European manufacturer of inductive components are combining forces online. They will present an 4 days webinar tour divided over 4 months.

The Webinar tour will take place on four different days over the coming months, all start at 14:00 hours. The first two will be held this year. All Webinars will be held in English. Of course feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested in the webinars.

Please find below all relevant information for the first two Webinars and click on the date and title to start the registration process.

29th of October 2020 - Step up/down power supply

We will go over the two main topologies used to implement step up and down: SEPIC and 4SW-Buck-Boost. Discuss their operation as well as pros and cons of each. Also, we will show/demonstrate operation using simulation tools. As all SMPS need some kind of filter we will dive in the EMI filter design process. We will look at the requirements of the filter and the design process and to the benefits of an coupled inductor for an SEPIC design. We will focus on the differential mode filer. At the end of this session you will have a better understanding of the different discussed topologies and of the process and impact of the EMI filter.

12th of November 2020 - Adapting reference designs

A reference design almost never fits completely. We will discuss some of the commonly encountered pitfalls when adapting reference designs to your own needs. For example: max current vs current limit, Switching frequency vs efficiency and/or Noise, input/output voltage range, and so on. Here as well we will show the impact using simulation tools. From a magnetics point of view we are going to look at how to optimize the power inductor while using an reference design so that it is the best fit for your application. We are going to look at the different constructions methods and their impact on efficiency, size and cost. After this Webinar you will have a better understanding of the impact of choosing different inductors on your design so that you feel comfortable optimizing the choice for your application requirements.  

Each Webinar will take about one hour. There is room to ask questions afterwards.

Next year’s Webinars will be held on 28th of January and 11th of February. By clicking on the date you can pre-register already and put it in your agenda. More information about the subjects will follow January 2021 at latest.

All Webinars can be found on our Website as well. Please visit https://we-online.com/WebinarsNL

We hope to welcome you all for this online Webinar tour! Meanwhile, keep safe and keep healthy!