Innovations in DNA & RNA technologies

Discover the latest innovations in DNA & RNA technologies on April 16th 2024. This inspiring day shows all the latest developments in a fast-changing industry and demonstrates the impact of DNA research on people and plants. The day is filled with interesting lectures, practical solutions and a lot of knowledge.

What can you expect?

During this one-day event, the exhibitors are ready to help you with the latest technologies. Ask your questions and find out what solutions are available to fit your needs. The seminar program offers an overview of the latest developments and covers topics like pharmacogenetics, CRISPR-Cas in plant breeding and the detection of DNA/RNA in pathogens.

Data and bioinformatics are an integral component of the Life Science field and can’t be skipped. Learn how biobanks manage vast datasets and explore the various aspects of bioinformatics through a case study from the food industry.

Build your professional network

The FHI Life Science events are not just about technology; they are an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues from the industry. Share your experiences, expand your professional network and glimpse into the future of the Life Science industry.

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Registration opens in Februari. Please check the FHI Life Science event website for all information.