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From the very start of our company in 1993, Logic Technology has acquired a substantial amount of knowledge and experience as a professional partner in helping you manage your challenges during the development- and lifecycle of embedded products. Our company currently sets the tone in the dynamic embedded tools, test and certification market in Europe. By carefully managing our continual high-paced growth, we are able to remain close to the customer. Our offices in the Netherlands and Germany with their local team of expert sales engineers and customer-oriented front and back office support staff are fundamental to this success.
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We are your partner for ready to use solutions in the field of embedded hardware, -software, development-, test- and certification tools. Through many years of experience our product portfolio includes a carefully selected spectrum of expert and high-performance products. We always come up with the right answer to your challenge:
There’s always a Logic solution!

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Logic Technology B.V.
Van Horneplein 6
6019 BW Wessem

Tel: 0773078438

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Incredibuild and Logic Technology Partner to Significantly Improve Developer Build Times


February 22nd, 2022, Wessem, The Netherlands – Logic Technology, one of the Netherlands’ leading resellers of embedded systems development products, has announced a partnership with Incredibuild, an Israeli company offering a...

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Why your mission-critical application needs a real-time database management system


The data management in mission-critical systems is complex, often times non-interruptible and has strict requirements for timely execution. These are the type of requirements that are defined as real-time constraints...

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What is traceability and why is it important?


Traceability is a sub-discipline of requirements management within software development and systems engineering and it mainly serves the purpose of accelerating and improving development activities. As a result, it also...

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Maximizing Efficiency in IoT Projects with the right File Systems


For a developer skimming through the datasheets of the latest microcontrollers, it’s easy to assume that efficient use of CPU resources, including memory and clock cycles, is, at most, a...

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Protect against exploits on 11th Gen Intel Core Processors


Firmware is the new frontier for platform security. It is safe to say that if your firmware is compromised, then your platform is compromised. The firmware sets up and maintains...

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De Development Club is een netwerk van circa 60 technische ontwikkelbedrijven met hoog gespecialiseerde expertise op alle technologische gebieden, in het bijzonder op het gebied van mechatronica, sensoren, embedded software en industrieel ontwerp.

De Development Club leden werken samen voor organisaties, die zoeken naar technologische creativiteit met aanvullende competenties, om tot succesvolle oplossingen en producten te komen

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De beurzen World of Technology & Science en Industrial Processing zijn geïntegreerd in 1 beurs: World of Technology & Science 2022. WoTS bestaat uit vijf unieke werelden: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Motion & Drives, World of Electronics en World of Industrial Processing. Met deze indeling krijgen de branches hun eigen identiteit, expositieprogramma en richten zij zich op hun eigen bezoekersdoelgroepen met interactieve beursprojecten en aansprekende en actuele seminaronderwerpen.

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