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The trade fair for science and technology: WoTS 2022

Be there from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 September during the World of Technology & Science 2022 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The trade fair for technology and science in the Benelux offers the visitor not only an insight into the latest innovations, but also interesting lectures and numerous activities on the exhibition floor. Registration for a trade fair visit is completely free!

WoTS 2022 has five different worlds. The World of Electronics not only offers a hall full of exhibitors with interesting innovations and products, but also seminars on themes such as user interface design and the challenges surrounding the arrival of the internet of things.

The World of Laboratory showcases cutting edge technology in the lab world. In addition, speakers will talk about food safety, working safe with hazardous substances and how to make a lab sustainable. The latest technologies will also be shown on the World of Automation exhibition floor and attention will be paid to, among other things, cyber security, hydrogen and process optimization in the Food & Beverage sector.

You can experience the latest state of affairs in drive technology at the exhibitors of the World of Motion & Drives. At the FEDA Lounge, the exhibitors show their skills in this area, where visitors can also follow lectures on innovations and designs in drive technology. The World of Industrial Processing gives the visitor insight into the developments within industrial process techniques. Food safety and the transport of goods flows in industry are two themes that will be discussed.

But there is more: during the WoTS 2022 overarching themes will also be discussed, such as the state of affairs in technical education, the future of nuclear energy, the state of affairs in robotics and scientific developments surrounding covid-19. Do not hesitate and register now for a free exhibition visit to the World of Technology & Science 2002.


Challenges of the Internet of Things (Seminar)

On September 27, we will kick off the trade show with a seminar on the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT plays an increasingly important role in consumer and industrial applications. There are many practical benefits and risks regarding online security and privacy. During the seminar, six experts will update you on IoT challenges and how you can overcome them.

Jan Vonk (Betronic) opens the seminar with a lecture on practical and financial aspects of IoT applications for businesses. Using a real-life example, he discusses the considerations that influence IoT decision-making. During his presentation, Arco Snoey of TOP-electronics will introduce a battery with an exceptionally long life cycle, which means that you may never have to replace a battery of an IoT device again!

If you are interested in tracking objects and even people via IoT, you should definitely visit Mathias Laursen's lecture. He lectures on behalf of C.N. Rood about the pros and cons of tracking via the ultra-wideband. The seminar will be closed by Douwe Schoenmakers from Arcobel & Thomas Brekelmans from Anyware. Schoenmakers will explain how the deployment of IoT can remedy the labor and knowledge shortage in the railroad industry.

Telerex and Althen will also provide a lecture, but the topics are currently unknown. Chairman Herman Tuininga, director of Salland Electronics, will host the seminar and introduce the speakers. In short: it will be an inspiring morning that you don’t want to miss!

Admission to the lectures is free for WoTS visitors, but you have to register for a free visit first.  For more information on the seminar:


Innovative Companies at the Test and Measurement pavilion 

The Test and Measurement pavilion at the World of Electronics hosts six companies that offer equipment, solutions, or training. The companies specialize in testing and measuring electronics in all phases of the production process: from creative testing during the design phase to functional measurements before production starts. You will also gain insight into CE testing before a market introduction, testing and measurement of wireless applications, and environmental testing.

The widely available expertise makes the pavilion of interest for anyone who wants to learn more about developments and trends in this field. You will even have the opportunity to present your own test challenges to the exhibitors. A unique opportunity to gain knowledge from top test and measurement specialists!

The pavilion is very close to the area where the seminars are organized. You can easily combine a visit to the pavilion with a visit to the T&M seminar that will take place on 28 September in the World of Electronics.

Click here for an overview of the six participating companies.

Register now for a visit to the exhibition at: Registration is free of charge.